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Candidate Branding is not part of our core services. Talus has partnered with Competitive Edge Branding to better prepare you for a new career. Understanding how to brand yourself begins with creating your personal brand which is a combination of communicating your interests, beliefs, values, talents and skills.

Update Your LinkedIn presence, professional branding, and resume with Loretta Peters, our Accredited Resume Writer and Certified Digital Brand Strategist, who will help you to develop or refine your resume and online presence so that you make your best first impression. A well written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile is guaranteed to help you to stand out from the competition so that you can land a job faster.

Services we offer through Competitive Edge Branding include:

  • Resume Writing (ATS)
  • Marketing Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing (ATS)
  • Professional Branding
  • Online identity
  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media Training and Workshops

Contact: Loretta Peters, CEO, ARW
Certified Digital Brand Strategist
Competitive Edge Branding, LLC

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