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The challenge with Enterprise Data Governance is two-fold:  Purpose and Sustainability.

Here are some critical success factors that in our experience are essential activities that lead to purposeful and sustainable Data Governance.

We can provide Best of Breed examples of successful sustainable Data Governance specifically:

  • Guiding the creation of a very focused Data Governance Charter
    • Mission, Vision, RACI’s, Rules of Engagement, Guiding Principals
  • How to create non invasive Data Governing Bodies
  • How to create and focus Data Governance Stewards and their associated Communities of Practice
  • How to create usable/sustainable Meta Data Repositories
  • Samples of Policy Manuals
  • Roadmaps to Success
  • Progress measurements: Are the foundational Data Quality activities working?
  • Best Practices for Continuous Improvement
  • Communication Playbook:  How to communicate change

Policy into Practice.

What can be measured can be changed.

Identify and create a policy first, the policy must be tied to a measurable business outcome, goal or objective.

  • Drill into data standards (DQ standards, ownership, definitions etc. the measures)
  • Create process to maintain and sustain (audit, traceability)

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