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At Talus, we put great value on developing long-term relationships with our consultants and clients.  Consistent communication and support throughout the process is a cornerstone of our success.  In an industry that has become to a degree impersonal and commoditized, Talus remains true to the long-standing belief that greater success is achieved when mutually beneficially relationships are fostered.


Maureen Massucci, CFO, manages all financial responsibility for Talus that includes employee payroll, benefits, taxes and insurance.  An avid and diligent performer as the “keeper of the books”, Maureen helps Talus to stay organized and profitable.  Maureen graduated with her Masters in Business Education from The University of New Haven.  Her experience in business education, corporate and financial strategic planning, allow her to exude her excellence in educating and guiding Talus Partners and their contractors with accurate financial data.  She is recognized for her honest, ethical, and growth-driven decision-making skills that leads Talus into the 21st Century.

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